Our Place
We are located 9.5 miles up Hwy 35 from the junction of Hwy 152 and Hwy 35. We're easy to find. Just meander up the Mimbres River until you see the La Paloma Real Estate sign on the right. The buildings are rough sawn lumber and kind of rustic. Our office has been a lot things through the years - a residence, general store, feed store, and home of the renowned gallery, The Turtle Works. Over the years we've provided a lot of services for our clients, such as water, corrals for folks traveling with horses, storage for furniture and equipment, picnics on the Mimbres River and so forth. We are good with conversation and information and the coffee pot is always on.

We are going to turn half of our operation into a Visitor Center where everyone is always welcome. We are planting berries in the back yard of our place and you will pick your own, which is half the fun and as always, if you need directions, information or help of any kind we are here for you and will give it our best.
Broker Profile
Tim Donovan was ranch raised on the high plains of Colorado and Wyoming. He attended the University of Colorado and took a degree in English literature with post graduate work at the University of Northern Colorado. He spent a checkered career as a Cowboy, Writer, Gambler, Smuggler, Entrepreneur, Teacher and Raconteur. He also, taught school for a few years and was the publisher of "Properties Magazine." He has traveled extensively in the American West, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. For the last fifteen years he has been a Real Estate Broker in the Mimbres Valley and environs of Silver City, New Mexico. He specializes in Country Property, Land development, and Real Estate Investment.
Our Mission
  1. I will work hard to accomplish my client's goals.
  2. I will share my knowledge and experience freely.
  3. I will be fair and honest to everyone.
  4. I will be a good steward to this land and make this a better community in which to live.