Company Profile / Services
After a long association with Smith Real Estate in Silver City, New Mexico, as a land specialist, I decided to open a small independent brokerage near my home in the Mimbres Valley. Over the years I realized that my career philosophy had become more focused. What I liked doing and I was fairly good at was more limited than what a full service Real Estate company demanded. By concentrating on those aspects of Real Estate where I could be most effective I could do a better job for fewer clients and that would be fine. It boiled down to three things:
Country Orientation
I have been a country guy all my life, rarely without a saddlehorse or cow dog hanging around. I'm comfortable with issues like acres and water rights, public lands, grazing capacity, fences and weather. I can find the corners on hard to get to mountain tracts and I will introduce you to the neighbors. I know where the big trees break into high desert and where to catch fish or call turkeys. If it is country living you are after I could be the guy you need to talk to.
I have tried to learn and understand as much as I can about legal and practical aspects of living and building in this country. I know about subdivision and development, from the old wildcat, anything goes land division to the more thoughtful, regulated way we do things today. If you want to do a full blown development or just carve out a piece for the grandkids, I can help you with the processes and the people involved.

I have learned a lot about water. The truth is that we live in a desert and water is a scarce and precious commodity. You need to know how deep to go to find water and then how much you are liable to find. You need to know what can be irrigated and whether water rights can bought, sold or traded. Then you will need to know how to transfer them. You might need to know who to talk to at the State Engineer's Office. I have done all of these things and I can help you in the processes.

I know firsthand about everyone who can help: contractors, architects, well drillers, dirt companies, septic companies, surveyors, farriers, and handymen. I can tell you who to call to build a million dollar home or fix a broken screen door. I know whose work is good and whose word ain't.
In real estate we talk a lot about being entrepreneurs and self employed. But when I meet a client I realize that what I am doing is applying for a job. I want to go to work for you. If we establish a relationship you are going to get the best I've got to offer. I listen well and I try to make your needs and dreams my own. I won't quit until the job is done. Naturally I'm a little picky about who I work for and I know you want to hire the right person. If I'm not the best resource for what you want done, then I will tell you so and help you find that right person. I believe in good communication. I know that faxes, email and the Internet are important tools for what we do but I also know you can't learn all you need from a MLS sheet or a picture. I'll get all your questions answered and I won't twist your arm to do something that is not right for you. I am always available and I encourage you to give me a call or come by for a visit. Most importantly I believe in fair dealings and I expect the same.
I bet we'll get along!!